Why a water birth delivery may be right for you

Delivering by water birth is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore compared to conventional labour and delivery in a hospital ward. It has been practiced for ages, and the practice is seeing a reemergence among modern women.

When a woman delivers by water birth, she squats in a tub filled with warm water in the position most comfortable to her for labour. Some women choose to deliver the baby in the water while some women prefer to climb out for the actual birth. It can sound a little scary, but there are many benefits of water birth you may not be aware of. Here’s a little more information on what you should know if you’re thinking about delivering by water birth.

Won’t being born in water hurt the baby?

Actually, it is thought that being born in water is a less traumatic way for the baby to enter the world, as the environment feels like the amniotic fluid it’s been submerged in already for nine months. The warm water is soothing and comforting, and it reduces the stress of labour and delivery for both baby and mum.

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The benefits of a water birth can include:

  • Reducing stress hormones, which lowers blood pressure and allow the body to produce natural painkillers
  • Increasing movement and energy during labour, as the water supports a heavily pregnant body and can improve blood circulation and encourage better contractions
  • Reducing tearing, as water relaxes the perineum, making it stretch better so few stitches are needed later
  • Improving mental focus as the mum-to-be can adjust her position, relax, and concentrate on birthing

What are the risks of water birth?

Find out about any dangers associated with this type of birth on the next page…