Following baby naming conventions – getting the birth certificate right

You may have chosen all the names for your baby, but do you know how to arrange them properly on the birth certificate? It may seem like common sense, but there are various baby naming conventions to consider when officially registering your child’s birth.  It will determine the way your child is addressed when he or she registers for school or whenever he or she travels out of the country — no to mention at home!

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So, is there a correct way your baby’s name should be written on the birth certificate? The answer is that there are certain baby naming conventions that you should follow, but they’re not inflexible. Before going to the Birth Registration Centre, you will want to spend some time thinking about some common rules.

Using a surname

For anglicised surnames, the placement of your surname is fairly straightforward. The baby naming convention will be to register your baby’s name first, middle name, and your surname last e.g. Adeline Mary Jones.

If you have a Chinese surname, though, there are several baby naming conventions that are acceptable for the birth certificate. What you choose depends on the primary name you would like your child to be known as.

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Chinese surnames

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