A birth day story: Baby Ball, the survivor

Pregnant.Sg reader Maria Solita Zaldivar-Guzman tells us about the beautiful birth day story of her son, who miraculously survived through precarious conditions during his mother’s delivery.

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Tough Mama

While I was still pregnant, Matt and I made plans for our baby. Usually before we went to sleep, we would talk to our baby and share our thoughts about how we wanted to bring him up as his parents. We gave him the nickname “Baby Ball” when my doctor told us that baby boy was close to being overweight. Also, Matt loved basketball so much and he had this dream of coaching Baby Ball, should our baby find enjoyment in the sport.

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I’ve always envisioned myself as a strong woman. I even termed myself a “hustler” because I did things that typical pregnant women don’t often do. I didn’t drink or smoke, even before I found out I was pregnant. I, however, didn’t restrict myself from doing the things I wanted. I was cautious about my so-called healthy diet, but I indulged in some sweets and soda once in a while. I also kept going to work, attending parties or feasts — even days before my due date.

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