A birth day story: Welcome Isaac Lim

The birth of your child is an experience of which you’ll probably remember every detail. Pregnant.Sg reader Mich Tan shares the birth day story of the day she welcomed her son, Isaac. 

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24 December 2008, Wednesday

  • 1:00 pm:  Pregnant at 39 wks+ 4 and go in to KKH due to spotting.
  • 12:35 pm: Waiting for M.O. to come and check me.
  • 2:45 pm: M.O on duty, Dr Carrie Ho comes and checks on me. She says I’m only 1cm dilated. I have two choices:1. ) Induce labour and if it fails, I’ll need a C-Section.2.) Go home and wait for spontaneous labour (i.e. either waterbag bursts, or intense contractions).
  • 3:00 pm: Not sure what to do, so I call mum, mum-in-law and cousin for opinion.
  • 3:45 pm:  Decide to head home to wait, after hearing the C-section part of the news.
  • 5:00 pm:  Wash up and try to take a rest. Spotting is starting to increase, but I decided to wait and monitor.

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24 December 2008, Thursday

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