A birth day story: Kobe’s grand entrance

Pregnant.Sg reader and blogger, Meng Morales, shares her labour experience and son Kobe’s birth day story.

April 4, Friday

He was due on this day. Since I haven’t shown any sign of labor yet, I went to my OB for a check up. Based on the ultrasound performed on me the day before, my placenta wasn’t ready yet, so the OB said we wait for another week before she considers labor induction. I was advised to continue taking my meds.

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April 10, Thursday

11:00 am
I was already experiencing strong but irregular contractions. My husband and I went to the doctor in the morning for a check up, and an IE showed that I was already 4cm dilated. I was soon sent home to get my things because I was going to be be admitted to the hospital to have my labour induced. Yay! No more pregnant belly for me!

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So, we went home and got my hospital bags. On the way back, we had to get some cash from the bank and I took this opportunity to ask for a little comfort drink from my husband. “Something to make me feel real good before my labor starts,” I told him. So he bought me my Starbucks Chocolate Cream Chip drink. I was in heaven.

2:00 pm
The staff prepared my admission papers. My OB did another IE on me and no change in my dilation yet, still 4cm. We brought our stuff inside the room, and an intern took my medical history.

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