What causes heart defects in babies?

Latest researches have confirmed that almost one in 100 babies is born with a heart defect. This type of birth defect is known as congenital heart defect or CHD, in medical language. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, more than 50% of the babies with CHD require a serious surgical treatment. Learn more about heart defects in babies and how they occur.

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Acquired heart ailment

The heart is responsible for providing the body with oxygen and is made up of four chambers. Most of the babies develop the heart related diseases after illness. This illness can lead to the numbers of heart related problems such as Kawasaki diseases (an ailment that cause fever, swollen lymph glands and rashes that may develop heart related problems), rheumatic heart ailment (an ailment that may cause the infection of streptococcal bacteria), cardiomyopathy (an ailment related to the muscle of heart), and myocarditis (swelling in heart muscles).

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These are also known as acquired heart ailments or disorders. Noonan syndrome is another genetic condition in which some babies may also suffer abnormalities of heart.

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Causes of heart defects in babies

In more than 80% of the cases of heart defects in babies, the reasons are unknown. Some of the well-known causes of heart defects in babies are a result of:

  • Genes. Latest studies have revealed that more than 20 % of the CHD cases have genetic cause. Proper treatment of child is required in this case.
  • Maternal age. It has been experienced that babies of older women are more likely to have heart related birth defects as compared to babies of younger women.
  • Alcohol. Mums who drink large amount of alcohol during their pregnancy period may increase the threat of heart related birth defect in their babies.
  • Medication. More quantity of drugs and medication taken by the mom in her period of pregnancy may develop the risks of heart related birth defect in baby.
  • Other birth defects. A baby affected by the other birth defects, such as Down syndrome, is more likely to have deformities in heart.

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