Bouncing baby! Why you should buy a baby bouncer

You love carrying your baby, but there’s times you need to put him down somewhere safe. That’s where a baby bouncer comes in. Aside from being a handy holder, added features like vibration, music and toy bar keep your baby entertained. Here’s the advantages of having a baby bouncer and what you should look out for in buying one.

Do I need a baby bouncer?

You might be wondering if a bouncer’s really necessary if you’ve already got a cart seat or a swing to hold the baby, but a bouncer has its own unique advantages. You can think of it as a reclining chair for your baby, not as flat as the cot and not as upright as a car seat. This is a comfortable position for your baby, especially if he has reflux, where he can look around at the world.

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Something else special that bouncers do is that they vibrate. Babies find vibration and the white noise very soothing as it reminds them of being back in the womb. It’s the same reason why babies fall asleep easily when in the car.

Many mums swear by using their bouncers in the following way:

  • Watching the baby during chores
  • Having it in the bathroom when they shower
  • Baby’s nap time
  • Playing with the baby
  • Feeding the baby in them

How to buy a baby bouncer

There are many varieties of baby bouncers on the market. The cheapest basic models can cost as little as $40 while sophisticated ones can be over $200. There are also bouncers that combine the functions of a bouncer and a swing.

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Type of bouncer

There’s two basic kinds of baby bouncers. One kind uses a bendy frame structure. When your baby moves, the bouncer will bounce. The other kind is the battery-operated bouncer which will vibrate in a steady motion. Battery-operated ones will cost you more in the long run, but you might prefer it if you have a baby who needs to be coaxed to sleep.

Basic vs advanced

Basic bouncers will only bounce, usually on one setting, while more advanced models may offer different speed settings, music, or even soothing sounds like raindrops or a heartbeat. Most bouncers also come with a detachable toy bar, but the quality of the toys will differ.

There are also bouncer/swing combinations which can both bounce and rock your baby to sleep. These cost more but offer you more options for a fussy baby.

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What to look for

When buying a baby bouncer, try and see if you can test demo models first. If not, make sure you can return the product if you don’t like it. You should be looking out for the following:

  • Is the bouncer comfortable? If the baby bouncer is too hard, your baby may develop flat head syndrome. If it is too deep, it may be restrictive for your child.
  • Where is the battery compartment? Pay attention to where the battery compartment is located. It should be below or away from the baby. Some poorly designed bouncers have it where the baby can kick it and hurt himself.
  • What kind of safety restraint is used? Your bouncer should have a 3-point safety belt to prevent your baby from flipping or slipping out of the seat.

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