Why I didn’t practice Chinese confinement

Down the rabbit hole

After I had delivered my boy via emergency C-section, I took Mrs. Wong’s professional advice to heart. I ignored all the superstitious warnings of rheumatism and migraines and I showered regularly in warm water and washed my hair.

To play it safe, my husband would close all the windows and doors to ensure I didn’t catch any “wind.” He also insisted I dry and get dressed quickly in something warm instead of inspecting my new figure naked!

In my situation, it helped because we did not hire a Chinese confinement nanny or lived with any of our parents. This made it easier for there were no elders around to constantly question my rebellious behaviour. My father did nag me each time he visited us, bringing Chinese rice wine for me to wipe my body with in replacement for showering.

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Of course I didn’t. I continued to shower during my confinement period. It made no sense for me to rub alcohol on my body, when my newborn would be suckling off an alcohol-covered breast every few hours. Also, I could not imagine rubbing alcohol anywhere near my fresh cesarean wound! That bottle of wine still sits in my kitchen today, with the original seal intact.

Chinese confinement

Our reader chose fast food over the traditional Chinese confinement recipes!

Food for thought

As for my diet as a new mum, I only managed two weeks of Chinese confinement food. It was provided by a confinement caterer but, after those initial weeks, I cancelled my order for the rest of the month.

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