Breast milk soap: A luxury homemade item

How to make breast milk soap?

First of all, you should only use your own breast milk for the soap. Also, you should use it only if you have extra milk. You need at least one cup of breast milk, but it is better to have more than one. You can freeze some of it while gathering more. In the making of breast milk soap you can add some beneficial oils for the skin. These include virgin olive oil, safflower oil, coconut oil or any other that you enjoy. It is best to use organic, considering that this will be a very special soap for you or your baby.

You can also add some essential oils for your skin type. Mint and lemon essential oils are perfect for oily skin. Rose oil is good for dry and normal skin. Sage and tea tree oil fight acne. Raw honey should also be added to the soap, as it has anti-bacterial properties, and it nourishes the skin.

To find out the complete procedure and the tool you need for making the soap, Traditionalmidwife.com explains it perfectly. The making of homemade soap does require some practice. It is best to try one batch by using goat’s milk or other ingredients that are not so hard to come by as breast milk.

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Can I buy breast milk soap?

There are ways to get breast milk homemade soap without the hassle of making it at home. On Etsy.com, you can send your own frozen breast milk or buy from someone else. The soap will be hand-made and sent back to you. However, the safest option is to make a bigger batch yourself and save it for special occasions. But be careful, because you may get hooked on it. The soap can also be preserved as a special memory of yourself and baby for later on.

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Source: Mothers Milk Soap