Will my breasts return to their original size after birth?

Many pregnant women wonder about how their breasts would change during pregnancy or if there will be changes in their breast size after birth. There are a few factors that can influence the shape and size of your breasts after giving birth and when you stop breastfeeding. We will first take a look at why breast changes happen during pregnancy.

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Why does my breast size increase during pregnancy?

  • Blood circulation increases in the breast area in order to prepare the body for lactation
  • The hormone progesterone is also partly responsible for swollen breasts
  • Breasts can also grow bigger due to weight gain which will happen during the second and third trimester of pregnancy

Every woman’s body changes differently during pregnancy. Some will see an increase in the size of their breasts in the first month of pregnancy while others don’t notice many breast changes during their whole pregnancy. The change in breast size depends on each woman’s genetic make-up.

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What will happen to my breast size after birth and breastfeeding?

After they stop breastfeeding, most women report going back to their original bra size. Some women, however, will experience an increase or decrease in size with each pregnancy. As mentioned earlier, this change depends on genetic factors, such as breast size before pregnancy, but lifestyle choices can also contribute to the picture. These include diet and exercise.

More women are concerned that their breasts have become less firm and this can happen after birth and breastfeeding. There are ways to take care of your breasts after birth and breastfeeding. They can’t guarantee a perfect breast size or shape but they can help your breasts look better.

Ways to improve breast size after birth and breastfeeding

  • Wear a cotton bustier instead of a wire bra. Breastfeeding bras can also help maintain your breast size after birth.
  • Breast massages can be of great help because they can get rid of hardened breasts and help improve firmness. Remember to use only organic creams that are free of chemicals and refrain from applying it on the nipple area if you are breastfeeding. Massage it in a circular motion  360° clockwise and then 360° counter-clockwise.

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  • Swedish showers can also improve breast firmness by improving blood circulation. This type of shower alternates cold and hot water for as long as it is bearable.
  • Avoid crash diets after birth. Most women are eager to lose weight as quickly as possible. This can lead to a decrease in breast size after birth and also a loss of firmness. Eat as healthily as possible by avoiding junk foods and refined sugars.
  • There are workouts which can improve the appearance of your breasts. Such exercises focus on the pectoral muscles in order to improve firmness and shape.

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