Breastfeeding bracelets: do you need one?

As a new mum, do you find yourself having moments of being slightly more scatterbrained than before pregnancy? Exhale that breath of air you were holding – It’s absolutely normal to feel that way!

“Forgetfulness is a natural part of a woman’s defense mechanism after the pain and rigors of childbirth,” explains gynaecologist Dr. Sharon Phelan of the New Mexico School of Medicine in a Daily Mail article. Although temporary, we know just how pesky it can be having the tiniest of things like feeding time slip your mind! Fortunately, there is a way around this: breastfeeding bracelets.

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1. What are breastfeeding bracelets?

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Breastfeeding bracelets are a great way to remind yourself when you last nursed baby, and whether you ended with your right or left breast. They work in the most convenient way: each bracelet comes with a charm, which you can use to keep track of the time you last fed your little one by simply sliding the charm over the appropriate numbers.

Lactation experts recommend letting your baby nurse for as long as he wants before changing sides. When you next feed baby, you should start with the breast you last ended with.

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