Breastfeeding bracelets: do you need one?

As a new mum, do you find yourself having moments of being slightly more scatterbrained than before pregnancy? Exhale that breath of air you were holding – It’s absolutely normal to feel that way!

“Forgetfulness is a natural part of a woman’s defense mechanism after the pain and rigors of childbirth,” explains gynaecologist Dr. Sharon Phelan of the New Mexico School of Medicine in a Daily Mail article. Although temporary, we know just how pesky it can be having the tiniest of things like feeding time slip your mind! Fortunately, there is a way around this: breastfeeding bracelets.

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5. DIY: your very own breastfeeding bracelet!

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To make your nursing bracelet:

  • Knot one end of the string, then string on a starter bead.
  • String your first number bead, or the bead you plan to use to represent the numbers on a clock. This bead represents 1:00pm.
  • Add your next three beads to the string. These beads represent 1:15pm, 1:30pm and 1:45pm respectively.
  • Now string the second number bead for 2:00pm. Follow with another three beads to represent the subsequent timings (2:15, 2:30 and 2:45pm).
  • Repeat process, until you've reached the bead representing 12:45pm.
  • Finish with a bead similar to your starter bead, to indicate the end of the bracelet.
  • Now knot the end of the bracelet. If you're using wire, remember to tuck the ends into the starter and ending beads so they don't poke you or baby!
  • You're done when you've attached the clip-on charm. This should be used as your marker.

Pssst... If you can't find beads with numbers, grab a permanent marker and mark the first bead of each hour. Your nursing bracelet also makes for a lovely keepsake, so don’t throw it out the moment you realise you don’t need it anymore!

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