Breastfeeding tips from National University Hospital

Breastfeeding is usually something that is dictated by maternal instinct once a woman gives birth to her child, but sometimes she still has some questions on how best to feed. The Antenatal and Parentcraft Programme, at National University Hospital (NUH) in Singapore provides training and helpful breastfeeding tips to put first-time mothers at ease.

Breastfeeding tip #1: Position your baby and yourself right

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NUH recommends that during breastfeeding, your baby should be well-supported and positioned in such a way that his ear, shoulder and hip should be aligned. He should also be placed close to the mother with body facing body and his nose facing mother's nipple. Mummies should also have their back and feet well-supported. If necessary, it is suggested that the breast be supported too.

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You can also refer to NUH’s breastfeeding chart: Breastfeeding for you and your baby for more useful breastfeeding tips and tricks.

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