What is the difference between breastmilk and formula milk?

Whether you feed your baby on breastmilk or formula, the decision is yours. There are many factors which contribute to making this decision and what matters most is that your baby is getting enough food and nutrition to thrive.

Experts have widely documented the benefits of breastfeeding and consider breastmilk the best food for your baby, for at least the first six months. It is not always so simple. Mothers often have to substitute their baby’s diet with formula milk and this could be down to a number of reasons, including;

  • the mother is not able to produce enough milk to satisfy the demnds of her baby
  • mother and baby have difficulty mastering the technique of breastfeeding
  • work commitments do not allow an exclusively breastfed diet

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In some cases, women are medically not able to feed their baby breastmilk. If you’ve had breast reduction surgery or are undergoing a chemical treatment process like chemotherapy, it could affect lactation or the quality of your milk. It is best to talk to your gynae before making a decision.

Both of these milk diets will provide your baby with similar vitamins and minerals and meet the nutritional needs of your growing baby. So, is there a big difference between breastmilk and formula millk?

What are the differences? 

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