Can I still wear make-up during pregnancy?

All women want to look their best before, during and after pregnancy. Make-up plays a big part of the beauty care routine for many women. What about make-up during pregnancy? Many women are now aware of the dangers that many chemicals in daily products pose a risk to their unborn child. Make-up products do contain lots of ingredients that may pose such risks during pregnancy. It is best to be informed and to make the right choices. Altering your beauty care routine during pregnancy is recommended by most experts.

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The risks of make-up during pregnancy

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  • Some make-up products contain retinoids. These are a form of Vitamin A that can cause birth defects in unborn babies.
  • Many make-up ingredients are also known carcinogens and can reach the developing baby. These include parabens, a very common ingredient in cosmetics and make-up.
  • Many of these substances can also alter hormonal balance due to mimicking the effect of certain hormones. This can have an impact on the foetus, especially during early pregnancy.


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How to safely use make-up during pregnancy?

To be on the safe side, choose products that are safe during pregnancy. Even organic cosmetics can contain certain chemicals. Avoiding products that contain chemicals that cause birth defects should be a priority. Smartparenting.com recommends some brands that avoid using these dangerous ingredients.

There is also the option of making your own make-up, believe it or not. There are many online recipes for home-made foundation, lipstick, lip gloss and so on. There are also websites that sell home-made make-up that contains only a few ingredients, all natural.

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