Can post pregnancy cravings be worse?

Everyone assumes that once you give birth, all your pregnancy behaviour, including those crazy cravings, will disappear. But, what if old habits, die hard? It’s what Bryony Gordon from the Telegraph wonders, as she struggles with a craving for cigarettes after her pregnancy.

She says: “Everybody tells you about pregnancy cravings – coal, ice cream, cake – but nobody mentions post pregnancy cravings: wine, fags, tequila. And coffee. Mmm, double espressos.”

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So, we have to ask ourselves, are post pregnancy cravings just being driven by your post-partum hormones – looking for some quick indulgence?

What are post pregnancy cravings all about?

  • Some cravings are simply, an acquired taste, picked up during pregnancy, so don’t be surprised if you still crave the same thing now you have given birth. If your body required a certain nutrient during pregnancy, and you ate a lot of a particular food, it is likely that you will crave it after your pregnancy too. 
  • In other cases, post pregnancy cravings are just a former addiction. During pregnancy, you will have a natural aversion towards certain things. Cigarettes, alcohol or even some foods will immediately bother you. But once you’re no longer pregnant, your addiction might return.
  • You may have certain food cravings because you’re nursing. Your body needs the same nutrients for your baby’s milk, as it did while pregnant. So certain foods, whether viewed as healthy or not, may be what you need post pregnancy.

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What to do about post pregnancy cravings?

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