Can pregnancy acne determine your baby’s gender?

There are many seemingly magical ways to predict a baby’s gender: Some are based on slithers of scientific fact, while others just seem downright silly right off the bat. In this series, we take a look at some of the popular, and not so popular gender prediction methods.

By now you have probably heard it all – from the way you carry your baby bump to what you crave at night. Everyone will have some golden nuggets of advice on how to predict a baby’s gender, and all of them will swear by it. Here’s one you probably haven’t come across yet: Pregnancy acne means that you’re having a girl.

Can pregnancy acne predict a baby’s gender?

In short, no – not at all. There are absolutely no scientific findings to back this theory. It is said that if you do not experience pregnancy acne, you are expecting a boy, whereas a sudden pimple attack means you are having a little baby girl. Why? Because little girls are believed to steal your beauty, and additional female hormones will lead to a pimple breakout.

What really causes pregnancy acne?

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