Should forward facing baby carriers be banned?

There are so many baby carriers on the market nowadays. Your head may be spinning with which one to choose. When we see one with the option of multiple positions, we think it must be the best one. Flexibility is a good thing right? Sometimes baby wants to lay down on our chest and sometimes baby wants to look around. But, are we putting our little one at risk by using these versatile carriers?

Very few mums think to research the safety issues concerned with baby carriers. Shouldn’t the research already have been done? Once it reaches the shop floor, it can’t be dangerous, can it? Actually, recent news reports suggest that there are some very real dangers to forward facing carriers.

Hip displacement

Possibly the most dangerous aspect of a forward facing baby carrier is the risk of Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH). A baby facing forward in most carriers does not allow for their legs and hips to be in the correct position.

Instead of keeping baby’s leg bent in an almost a frog-like position (as in the womb), a forward facing carrier stretches their little legs out making them more vulnerable to DDH.

DDH is a very serious issue with complicated procedures to correct including casts or even surgery. The effects of this condition can even be life-long and has been associated with adult arthritis.

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In news reports, one mum was so outraged by the risks, she believes that burning all forward facing baby carriers is the only way forward. It is difficult to see the benefit in these carriers with the risks as high as they are. Luckily, there are alternatives out there. Costs vary but you can get hold of inexpensive carriers, which are safer for baby.

  • Wrap

These are relatively cheap and offer multiple positions that are safe for both baby and wearer. It is a large piece of strong fabric that is wrapped around the body and shoulders. They are made of a more flexible and breathable material for extra comfort and ease. It is also easy to breastfeed your baby while wearing a wrap. They can be difficult to get on an off.

forward facing baby carrier

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  • Sling

Similar to a wrap, a sling is made of a strong fabric and worn over one shoulder and across your chest. They are easily adjustable and are also very handy for breastfeeding on the go. Like the wrap, you will need to learn how to put this on properly which can take some time.

forward facing baby carriers

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