Celebrity baby names: The dos and don’ts of naming your baby

Many people wonder why celebrities tend to choose odd baby names for their children. Parents usually choose a name that has sentimental meaning or cultural significance to them. Some names that were once considered weird are now made common because of Hollywood celebrities. Naming your baby after a city or fruit could be cool for some but can also be tacky.

If you plan to choose a unique name for your baby, proceed carefully and wisely. A person’s name can have great impact on his life. Unusual celebrity baby names can be original and interesting but can also be weird and unpronounceable.

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Good celebrity baby names

Choosing a good name for a baby is not as easy as it sounds. You have to consider several factors: Does the first name fit in with the last name? Does it sound harmonious? Some celebrities have chosen excellent baby names:

  • Milan Pique Mebarak is the name Shakira chose for her new baby. Milan is also the names of a city, but it can also mean “dear” or “beloved”.
  • Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy chose to name their child Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy. A long name, but also a posh one.
  • Of course the famous Harper Seven of Victoria and David Beckham is among the favorites. A simple, yet powerful name. Seven is Harper’s birth month and also a very lucky number.

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Celebrity baby names that are just too odd

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