Celebrity blogger Xiaxue becomes mum

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Singaporean blogger Xiaxue, otherwise known as Wendy Cheng, has long been a fixture in Singapore’s blogging scene with her glamorous style, brand endorsements and her always frank style of expression. Not one to shy away from controversy, she’s courted it over the years with numerous feuds with bloggers, her widely publicized plastic surgery and outing her critics’ public identities. But now Xiaxue has a new identity: She is now the mum to a baby boy.

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Pregnancy controversies

If you thought pregnancy would slow Xiaxue down, you were wrong. Throughout her pregnancy, she sparked fierce debate on her blog and elsewhere, such as when she continued bleaching her hair blonde and then dyed it pink. In response to criticism, she shot back that her hairdresser and other experts considered hair dying safe during pregnancy.

Again, just before delivering her baby, she sparked controversy again when she defended her choice of an elective C-section. In her blog, she called out the hypocrisy of other mothers for insisting that drugs-free natural birth was the best form of labour, even though it was the most painful and involved the most suffering on the part of the mother.

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Xiaxue called this kind of peer pressure on mothers from other mothers masochistic, because it was imposing one’s views on others. Taking breastfeeding as another example, she agreed with the opinion that breastfeeding is better but pointed out that she would never make a woman who chose formula-feeding for whatever reason feel horrible about herself.

Elective C-section captured on film

True to her personality, Xiaxue’s commissioned a team of professionals to film and edit her C-section birth at Mount Elizabeth Hospital for her online reality series “Xiaxue’s Guide To Life.” The actual surgery is hidden from view by a curtain but you can watch Xiaxue and her husband meet their son for the first time on the video network Clicknetwork. Whether you’re a fan of Xiaxue or not, it will give you some educational insights into how a C-section operation works and how you feel during the surgery.

The baby, who has been named Dashiel Marquet Sayre, weighed 3.25 kg and was born some time before 3 p.m. on 31st March 2013. Photos posted by Xiaxue on Instagram revealed that the baby has grey eyes, although it is unlikely to stay this colour.

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Will motherhood change Xiaxue? It’s unlikely that this straight-talking, unabashedly vanity-obsessed blogger is going away anytime soon. In fact, you can expect her to make more frank statements and start up more flame wars as she navigates parenthood for the first time.

What are your thoughts on Xiaxue’s views on labour? Is it right for others to tell you what kind of labour to choose? Let us know!

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