Diaper duty: Changing a diaper properly

If you are just starting out on diaper duty, it is highly likely you can’t tell the front of the diaper from the back. Once you get the hang of it, however, you will be changing a diaper with your eyes closed – quite literally during the wee hours of the morning.

Because of convenience, disposable diapers have long become the favourite choice among  busy parents in Singapore. On the other hand, a handful of mummies have opted for the traditional cloth diapers for economic and environmental reasons. Cloth diapers are inexpensive in the long run – so long as you don’t mind washing them.

A decent compromise for budget-conscious parents is to consider using towel diapers at home and the more convenient disposables on the go. Regardless of the type of diaper you decide the use, the methods of changing disposable and cloth diapers are in essence the same. We offer you some how-tos on changing both types of diapers.

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Before you start changing a diaper, it is best to prepare items you will need in advance. You do not want to leave your newborn by himself while you run around looking for rash cream. A good option would be to set up your baby’s changing table with necessities like diapers, clean towels, toilet paper, etc.

Changing a disposable diaper

The following guidelines are not exhaustive so do feel free to develop your own techniques as you grow more confident in changing a diaper.

  • Unfasten the dirty diaper. Pull down the front half of the diaper, but take care that the dirty diaper does not come into contact with your baby’s genitals, especially if it is a boy. If there is poop in the diaper, you can use the front half to wipe away most of it.
  • Fold the dirty diaper in half under your baby, clean side up, and gently remove it. Do so by gently lifting your baby’s bum by carefully but firmly gripping both ankles.
  • Unfold a clean diaper and then place it under your baby. The back half has tabs on either side.

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  • Before sticking on the tabs of the new diaper, wipe clean your little one thoroughly, and always remember to wipe from front to back. Also make sure the skin is dry before you put on another diaper. This will prevent rash from developing.
  • Pull the front half of the clean diaper over your baby’s tummy. If it’s a boy, it is best to point his penis down, so that he doesn’t wee straight over the top. Don’t cover the umbilical stump if it has not fallen off. Make sure that the diaper isn’t bunched up and that it is spread as wide as possible between your baby’s legs.
  • Fasten the tabs on both sides of the back part to the front half. Ensure that it’s not too tight or too loose for your baby.

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Changing a cloth diaper

The steps of changing a cloth diaper are the same as mentioned above, except with how you fasten the diaper.

  • Before changing a diaper that is made of cloth, be sure that the clean diaper is pre-folded with a diaper liner.
  • Once you have removed the soiled diaper, the clean diaper should be placed such that the flat edge of the diaper is underneath the back of your baby’s waist. The triangle should point to the front.
  • Pull the front half up to your baby’s tummy, and avoid the umbilical stump. Bring the two side flaps over the tummy, and fasten the diaper with a fastener pin.
  • Pull a pair of waterproof pants over the diaper just to prevent urine from leaking, and you’re done!

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