A changing game – Out with the old and in with a new baby care regime

All new parents will try to explore every available option for their baby care regime, including the pros and cons of which diaper route to take.

While the idea of washing and reusing diapers sounds refreshing, many families feel that the disposable diaper better fits their lifestyle. However, there are still lots of parents who prefer the more eco-friendly practice of reusable cloth-made ones.

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So what’s there to think about?

Cloth Vs Disposable

  • Material

While cloth diapers are normally made from more gentle material like cotton or flannel, a disposable diaper is synthetic and uses chemicals to absorb the wetness that babies produce. This often provides a point of concern for some parents who prefer to go ‘au naturel.’

Of course, cotton or flannel is not as absorbent as disposable diapers, and may require more frequent changing. But, you can find more ‘modern’ cloth diapers on the market, which are also quite absorbent.

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  • Cost

It’s estimated you’ll spend around 2,500 SGD caring for your baby with disposable diapers, during all the years they’ll wear them, against a mere 380 SGD for the reuseable option* — provided you don’t use a diaper cleaning service.
There will be more washing to do though, which will add to your water bills, but cloth diapers are a more economical option in the long run.

  • Convenience

Disposable diapers are quick and easy to change, and convenient for when you are out and about with baby.

On the other hand, changing cloth diapers may be much more of a task for some mums. Also, if you are out for a good while, you could end up walking around with stinky diapers in your bag!

  • Baby skin

The most important thing that all new parents probably consider when it comes to diapers is this: How will their choice affect their baby’s skin?

Whatever it is, we know that both cloth and disposable diapers need to be changed regularly to keep the nappy area clean and dry. Leaving wet or soiled diapers on too long will cause irritation and could result to nappy rash.

Sometimes though, an outbreak of nappy rash can be linked to teething or a change in diet, so most babies will really experience it at some point.

The old and the new ‘Bepanthen way’ of dealing with nappy rash

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