Childcare options in Singapore when going back to work

In Singapore, the biggest challenge most mothers face is not childbirth, but childcare. Most Singaporean mothers go back to work after having a child, either in order to maintain the dual-income family, or because they enjoy the challenges of their careers.

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Whatever the reason, you need to know the childcare options in Singapore for when it’s time for you to go back to work. Here is a breakdown of some of the options for you.

Domestic helper

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Hiring a domestic helper is a very popular option in Singapore for dual-income families. Not only can a live-in helper work as a nanny for your baby, she can perform the household chores and do the cooking, which relieves the pressure on new parents. You can also train your helper to care for your baby in exactly the way you want. That said, hiring a helper is costly and can be a tricky process. Live-in domestic helpers are getting more expensive because the government has imposed more levies and regulations with regards to education and training. You also have to be sure your domestic helper is someone you can trust with babies as you’re away during the day, leaving her unsupervised.

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