Chinese gender predictor

Often mums and dads-to-be usually have a gender preference for their baby — even if it’s unsaid! Most of the time, however, parents just want a baby who is healthy, happy and ready to come home with them. Still it’s fun to wonder about whether you’ll be bringing home handsome little man or pretty princess after all those months.

Chinese gender predictor

To take some of the guesswork out of the sex of your baby, you can try using the Chinese gender calculator. Superstition says that the Chinese gender calendar or predictor was discovered 700 years ago on a tomb in Beijing, China. The calendar was said to compute out a prediction of your baby’s gender based on your lunar age and the date of your conception or due date. (Take note then that Gregorian calendar is different from lunar calendar.)

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How the Chinese gender Predictor works

To compute your age on the lunar calendar you must take note of this formula:

  • Those who are born on January 1 to February 20 will consider their current age, according to the English or Gregorian calendar
  • Those who are born on February 21 to December 31 will add 1 to their current age,  according to the Gregorian calendar
  • That number will be your age, according to the lunar calendar.

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Once you have figured out your age, try using our gender predictor tool. According to some, the Chinese gender predictor is 90% accurate. Try it and let us know your results!

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