What your baby’s birth hour indicates

In the past, wealth is usually the top concern for parents who approach me for their kids’ destiny consultations. But nowadays, they are placing more emphasis on the health and behavioural aspects. In this article, we shall explore your child’s health and behaviour based on his birth hour.

Before we proceed, let’s have a brief introduction on how our body functions. The Chinese believe that there are 12 meridians [十二经络] within the human body and they each have a 2-hour period whereby its qi (energy) is at its peak. The 12 meridians are akin to rivers of energy that carry qi throughout our bodies. Any disruptions to such energy flow may lead to health problems and behavioural issues.

By examining the birth hour, we will be able to deduce the congenital physique [先天体质] of our children and how they behave.

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