Choosing an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist in Singapore

5. Is the O&G flexible to your requests?

Is there a certain hospital you are very keen to deliver at?  Find out which hospitals your doctor delivers at. Some O&G specialists deliver only at selected hospitals.

6. How far is the O&G from your home?

Do think about how far you need to travel to see the O&G as you will be visiting the doctor fairly regularly. You may want to consider these questions:

  • How far is the doctor’s clinic from your home or workplace?
  • Is the clinic close to public transportation?
  • Will parking be easy to find if you drive?
  • Does the O&G visit hospitals that you might visit in case of emergencies?

Your first meeting with the O&G…

Before you meet the O&G doctor, do a simple Google search to find out details related to his or her track record and testimonials from other mommies.

When you meet the O&G for the first time, you may wish to ask questions related to the following matters:

  • His or her medical experiences, sub-specialities and certification
  • Attitude towards important reproductive issues such as birth control
  • Attitude towards childbirth issues such as normal birth, water birth, C-section deliveries, pain relief during labour, and breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth
  • Find out if he or she accepts your health insurance, if you have any
  • Clinic opening hours
  • In his or her absence, who will cover be the covering doctor?
  • How to contact him or her during an emergency or after clinic hours
  • If he or she is contactable via email
  • How long you would have to wait for routine appointments
  • How quickly you could be seen if you were not well or during an emergency
choosing an obstetrician & gynaecologist

Don’t be hesitant to ask your O&G plenty of questions

Take note if the O&G doctor is friendly and responsive, puts you at ease and is willing to answer your questions. Was he or she gentle during the check-up? Did he or she seem to care about your comfort?

Also, be observant about the attitude of the reception staff. Are they friendly and attentive? Do they seem genuinely willing to answer your questions?

What to do if you are not happy with the O&G

If you are not happy with how the first consultation  went, or if you did not feel comfortable for whatever reason, do not hesitate to switch doctors. After all, this person will be looking after your well-being as well as that of your baby’s. This may also be the person who will help you kick-start your journey towards motherhood.

So, if at any time you feel uncomfortable with the selected O&G doctor, ask around for recommendations until you are satisfied with one who will meet your needs.

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