Choosing your baby’s full month caterer and venue

If you’re thinking about hosting a baby’s full month celebration, your first thought is probably to wonder where you should host it, followed by which caterer to use. Here’s a guide to how to choose your baby’s full month caterer and venue.

Key questions to ask

When choosing the kind of baby’s full month celebration you want to have, you should first discuss the following questions with your partner, namely:

  • What is your budget?
  • How many guests do you want to invite?
  • What are your parents’ expectations?
  • How casual or formal do you want the celebration to be?
  • Do you want a traditional or a creative celebration?
  • What kind of food do you want?
  • Are you comfortable with bringing your baby outdoors?

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Venues for full month celebrations

  • A simple at-home gathering:

If you want to keep costs low, a small gathering at home is the simplest and most casual option. Generally, all you need for a gathering is to provide your guests with a meal and something like a cake to share. If you have great cooks in your family, they can prepare the food and bring it over. Alternatively, you could just order simple fare from a caterer like Qi Ji and from your neighbourhood coffeeshop or hawker centre.

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  • For larger gatherings:

A grander version of the at-home gathering would be to book the function hall in your housing estate or condominium for the party. This allows you to invite a larger number of people, and you’ll also have the space to set up a larger buffet table.

Alternatively, you can host a barbeque party at your function hall if there’s one. Don’t worry about preparations as there are caterers that will deliver the charcoal and marinated food to you so you only need to light the fire and grill the food.

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