Avoid these 8 household chores during pregnancy

During pregnancy you may feel the urge to clean and prepare the house for the arrival of your future newborn. Some household chores can be hazardous to you and the little life growing inside you. It is important to be aware of the products you are using and keep safety concerns in mind, especially if you have had any pregnancy complications.

Take a look through our list of household chores that you should avoid during pregnancy.

8. Vacuuming

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Although therapeutic for some women, vacuuming is still a dangerous game when pregnant. There is a risk of tripping and falling, plus, carting the vacuum cleaner around the house can be very tiring. Avoid changing the filter while you're pregnant, It contains dusts, spores and hairs which can irritate your eyes and lungs and breathing this in is not safe for baby.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a clean house. Like many other activities, it simply means changing your approach. Be careful, enlist help and pay attention; you’ll soon be back to your old routine before you know it.

Some advice from mothers who have been there and done that

Mary Anne: “My skin was hypersensitive to soap products. I couldn’t wash dishes, clothes or bathrooms. I will get water boils.”

Winona Tay: “I couldn’t do the dishes because my belly got in between me and the sink. I couldn’t do the laundry because that would involve crouching and I wouldn’t be able to get up after. And I couldn’t clean the floor because my husband didn’t want the mop handle accidentally poking my tummy.

Adeline: “I only do very light and simple chores like sweeping the floor and any type of chore that doesn’t require me to exert a lot of energy/strength.”