Co-sleeping with your baby: Should you or should you not?

Disadvantages of co-sleeping with your baby

  • Many parents fear that they might suffocate the baby if they were to co-sleep. According to some studies, co-sleeping has been associated with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) for babies aged 6 months and below. An alternative option is bedside co-sleeping. Attaching a bedside co-sleeper could be safer than co-sleeping on the same bed.
  • Your sex life can be affected if you’re co-sleeping with your baby. However, this can be easily solved. You can choose to put your baby in a bed-side co-sleeper or in a crib in your bedroom. You can also plan ahead to ask a family member or hire a babysitter to look after your baby for the night.

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  • Afraid that your baby will grow up to be too dependent on you? This is a common fear that some parents have. But studies show that it is quite the opposite. It is suggested that infants who are emotionally secure grow up to become more independent.

The practice of co-sleeping with baby has pros as well as cons. If you do decide on co-sleeping, make sure that to get a bedside co-sleeper if your bed is not big enough. Do not use too many cushions and do not co-sleep on soft couches.

co sleeping with baby

                  Find out the pros and cons of co sleeping with baby.

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