Your baby’s brain development in the first 6 months

Cognitive development in infants: How can parents help?

When parents are close in proximity to the infant, he feels secure and safe enough to explore and interact with his environment.

  • Colours promote perceptual development. It is good for the baby to come into contact with objects of different colours.
  • Sounds and noises play an important role for cognitive development in infants. Babies should not be restricted to playing in quiet rooms. Hearing different sounds, or playing with certain toys that make sounds, will also help the baby understand about cause and effect.

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  • Peek-a-boo games can also help the baby. Around six months of age, the baby starts to recognise faces and voices. He will learn to imitate facial expressions of his immediate caregiver and family members. A baby starts to smile during the first few months of life.
  • Excessive stimuli is not necessary and can be overwhelming for a baby. It would be more beneficial to introduce external stimuli gradually.
  • The learning process should always involve at least one parent. Parents are crucial to cognitive development in infants and they should be there for their child constantly.
cognitive development in infants

There are many ways you can encourage a healthy cognitive development in infants.

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