Confinement nanny training for your maid?

Many Singaporean new mums choose to practice the confinement tradition. The traditional confinement practices requires a lot of knowledge. Also, having a newborn can be challenging, especially for first time mums. So hiring a confinement nanny to guide and help during the postpartum period is not unusual. But a new idea is now born in Singapore. Confinement nanny training for maids can be an alternative option for Singaporean mums.

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How the confinement nanny training idea was born

The need of formal training for confinement nannies was recently put into practice. In 2012, Thompson Medical Centre in collaboration with WDA initiated a seven-day course for confinement nanny training. Officials said: “The programme is specially designed to equip local women who are keen to be Confinement Nannies to acquire the necessary skills at subsidised training rates.” 

There seems to be a shortage of confinement nannies in Singapore. Some couples search months before being able to book one. This has prompted the need for other solutions, such as training maids to become confinement nannies.

The Fu Yang Tang  TCM clinic in collaboration with the Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support and Training (Fast) and Grace Management and Consultancy Services (GMCS) are developing training courses for confinement nannies. The course will be structured as half day seminars that each maid can attend for $80 per session. The director of the programme feels that maids can be fully trained to become confinement nannies. And as the demand increases, the programme is bound to be successful.

Watch the training overview of confinement nannies

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Can confinement nanny training for maids really work?

Some couples will wonder if their maids could really be trained well enough to do the job of a confinement nanny. The course actually allows employers to participate in order to see what the training is all about. That way, parents can be reassured that the maid receives proper training.

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