Cord blood and cord lining banking – what is it and why should you consider it?

The blood within your baby's umbilical cord has amazing healing powers.

The blood within your baby’s umbilical cord has amazing healing powers.

Cord blood stem cells are life-saving

Cord blood stem cells are quite remarkable as they have the unique ability to transform into the following important cell types that are found in human blood:

  • Red blood cells carry oxygen to all other cells in the body
  • White blood cells are crucial in fighting infections
  • Platelets help with blood clotting in the event of injury

This means that cord blood stem cells can be used to treat several types of blood cancers, replace and regenerate damaged or diseased bone marrow, and correct genetic disorders.

In comparison to other types of stem cells (e.g. bone marrow), cord blood stem cells are faster in generating healthy blood cells, making them more effective at treating a large number of diseases.

How a cord blood transplant works: Stem cells are added into a patient’s bloodstream where they are tasked to heal and repair damaged cells and tissue. With the successful engraftment of the stem cells, the patient’s blood and immune system is regenerated.


Currently, more than 80 diseasesincluding blood cancers such as leukemia, blood disorders such as thalassaemia, and tumours such as neuroblastoma—are treatable with cord blood stem cell transplant therapy. Studies show that at least 50% of childhood cancer incidences can similarly be treated.

According to research, one in every 217 persons may need stem cells for treatment in their lifetime. Since 1988, doctors around the world have used cord blood stem cells to treat more than 30,000 patients.

And because stem cell research is always evolving, the potential of effectively treating many more diseases using cord blood stem cells is real. For example, clinical trials are currently being conducted for the treatment of autism, cerebral palsy, and hearing loss.

The same applies for cord lining stem cells, which have the potential to treat burns and repair the lining of corneas, among others.

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