Crazy labour inducing methods

You’ll hear everyone’s labour inducing method

As you come to the end of your pregnancy, chances are that you will hear at least a handful of supposed labour inducing methods. Everyone and their mothers will probably tell you their stories of how they successfully got the process going a little quicker. They range anywhere from the logical labour inducing methods, all the way to the “I got labour going by walking uphill…barefoot in the snow…while chugging a castor oil/hot sauce concoction…juggling”.

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When you’re past your due date

When 40 weeks comes and goes, you will temporarily become insane. It happens to the best of us…myself included. You will long to hold your baby so much that you will try anything.

First, you’ll try the easy labour inducing methods that friends have told you about. “My grandma’s best friend’s cousin’s daughter-in-law swears that sex induces labour every time.” So you’ll try that, even though at this point you would rather shove bamboo sticks under your fingernails. Everyone swears you are a cute pregnant lady, but you will insist that they are lying because you just feel like a whale. Sex won’t work anyway.

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Desperate times call for desperate measures

You’ll slowly move towards the more odd labour inducing methods at this point. You’ll chug castor oil like it’s water on a hot day. Nothing will happen. Someone will suggest hula-hooping while sipping on hot sauce. Knowing that hot sauce gives you heart burn and that you haven’t hula-hooped since 3rd grade, you’ll go ahead anyway. Whatever works has become your new motto. This will all be in vain as baby will come when he/she is ready.

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Just when you give up hope

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