5 creative ideas of making your own pregnancy journal

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Those pregnancy memories can become a blur once you give birth to your baby. The truth is that new motherhood can be overwhelming. Thus, you might forget some of the small but important things that happened while pregnant. Having a pregnancy journal can keep all those invaluable memories for later on. But instead of making a simple journal, you can go for something a little more creative.

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An art pregnancy journal

During pregnancy, your creative juices are really flowing. You can buy a vintage type notebook and make an art journal. It is basically a journal not just for writing, but also for creating. You can use ink, charcoal or coloured crayons to write in your journal. You can also draw, add cut-outs, make a collage or anything that comes to mind. The journal entries can be just short thoughts related to your pregnancy.

Collect good wishes

Once you announce your pregnancy to the world, you are bound to receive a lot of wishes from friends, family, co-workers and even strangers. You can collect all these in electronic form, print them out for a scrapbook or write them in your pregnancy journal. You can also make a friendship book where people can add their thought for the new baby. These can be cherished for years to come. It can also be a great memory for your baby once he or she grows up.

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A v-log of your pregnancy

Many women nowadays are doing pregnancy v-logs on YouTube or other websites. It can be a great way to keep those pregnancy memories on video. You can see yourself years later, and you child can also see how mum looked pregnant. It’s a unique experience that you can share with the world. If you are a more private person, you can still keep a video journal just for family and yourself.

Letters from your pregnant self

The pregnancy journal can be made out of letters written for you and baby. As often as you’d like, you can write yourself and your baby a letter. These are something to treasure for later on, when baby will be older. You can tell yourself how you expect to be as a mother, or anything that you feel or think at that moment. Your child will also appreciate reading such letters once he or she grows up.

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Timeline and map of your pregnancy

A pregnancy journal can consist of a timeline and map of the events of your choice. You can add the milestones of your pregnancy, such as: first ultrasound, first baby kick, finding out the sex of your baby and so on. You can also add places you have been to while pregnant. Anything from doctor appointments to babymoon vacation to baby clothes shopping can be included. For a little more creativity, you can add your daily horoscope, moon phases or world daily events to your journal.

Even the most busiest mum-to-be should find some time for a pregnancy journal. Adding a bit of creative touch is always welcomed for highlighting those precious memories.

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