Caught between bars

You have seen crib bumpers lining the inside of the crib. These are not for decorative purposes – crib bumpers are supposed to keep your baby safe and comfortable while preventing your baby’s little leg from getting stuck between crib bars. If you’ve heard of crib bumpers, you are most likely aware of the controversy that surrounds them.

Crib bumpers provide extra protection but they are also linked to SIDS. So should you still invest in a crib bumper anyway, or risk having to wriggle out your baby’s little limb every so often?

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Crib safety: Easy does it

Getting a chubby little leg unstuck while your baby is screaming murder is no easy task, and it is very easy to become frustrated and feel like breaking the crib apart. One needs to stay calm and collected, even if the baby isn’t. Luckily, there are a few techniques you can try before you dial 995.

If only the lower part of your baby’s leg is stuck between crib bars, you can pop it back out easily. It gets tricky if the leg is stuck above the knee, especially if your little one is contorting around, trying to kick free. Freeing a relaxed limb is much easier so you should get another person to gently keep the baby still.

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In most cases, pushing at the crib bars will be enough to free the knee. If this does not work, gently try to stand your baby up. This causes the muscles to move out, which will also allow you to bend the knee and slide it through. Applying a lubricant like baby oil above the part of the leg that’s stuck will help too.

You would think that your baby would have learned his lesson after getting his leg stuck between crib bars, but no – chances are if it happened once, it will happen again. Crib safety measures needs to be implemented.

Crib safety tips

A newborn won’t move around much, so you can relax from now until sometime during the third month. Here are a couple of crib safety pointers you should know when buying a crib:

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  • Crib bars should be close enough to one another to prevent legs from getting caught in the first place. Some parents buy secondhand cribs and they should make sure that there are no missing bars and also no sharp or rough edges! You can consider camping cribs which are more modernised.
  • If you’ve already bought a crib and want to make the most of it, consider a sleep sack. Think of it as modern day swaddling; the sack keeps all the little limbs contained, but can only used up to about six to eight months of age.

If you do decide to go the crib bumper pad route, do your research well. Bumpers will help prevent your baby from getting his legs stuck between crib bars, but the soft cushiony lining can put your little one at risk of suffocating when he rolls against it. You have to ensure crib safety at all times.

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