Dad in the delivery room

Well dads, the honeymoon period is over, the preparations are complete, all the talk is done and the moment of truth is now upon you – to step into that delivery room and be a part of something unique: to witness the gift of life. That’s the theory!

While the expectation is for new dads to be in there feeling the tension, experiencing the raw emotions of a wonderful moment and the tingling excitement of the delivery – the reality may go slightly hazy. So consider these seven important things to cope with in the delivery room.

1. Remember the script

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Preparation is key to enjoying the birth. Raise questions and worries with your partner over the birth, discuss the few scenarios that you may experience and build up a picture of how things will unfold.

If you are faint-hearted, then make a plan: sit down and stay seated, the drop to the floor won’t be as long as if you were standing, or make sure you know where the exits are if you need air-time. The last thing you want is to usurp your baby’s birth and feature in your own medical drama!

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