Daddy’s crucial role in breastfeeding

Fathers are no longer just breadwinners who bring home the bacon. They are powerful partners who can contribute to the success and failure of breastfeeding by actively supporting and helping their wives. A dad doesn’t have to remain as a bystander and his assistance is important to the breastfeeding process. Learn what you can do as a father to help in breastfeeding.

Learn to read signs

When a baby is hungry, cold, wet, or dirtied his diapers, he will show you some very predictable signs. He will curl up his hands and feet and bring them to the centre. He’ll bend his knees and cross his feet or put his heels together.

He’ll turn his head and may suck on his hands or fingers. Eventually he’ll start to fuss and finally cry. In short, your baby is asking you to pick him up and tend to his needs through the above actions. Learning to read his body language will help you address his needs as quickly as possible.

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Help your wife with chores

If your wife is breast-feeding, she will probably feel sleepy just after nursing. Encourage her to take a nap while the baby is sleeping.

In addition, relieve your wife from as many of her usual roles and responsibilities as possible. Unless she genuinely wants to, she shouldn’t have to do any chores, deal with her in- laws or anything else except looking after herself and the baby. A well-rested mum is less likely to feel cranky and the whole family benefits from this.

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Show your appreciation for your wife

Surprise your wife with your thoughtfulness and get her out of the house once in a while. Short breaks can be relaxing too. Help her realise that she is important to you through your words and actions.

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