Daddy’s Touch: 5 ways dad can calm baby

It’s daddy’s turn to take the night shift and baby starts to cry. We’ve all been there; you fear mum waking up and the response you’ll get. But, wait, you have the golden touch when it comes to calming baby.

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Try these five tried and tested ways to calming baby whatever the day or night and be a real golden boy.


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When it comes to route one on how to calm baby, then one of the best ways is to distract them any way possible to break their crying cycle. Whether it's a toy with gentle music, a simple song to a visual response, the aim of cracking the crying or at least calming baby is the key.

Patience is also a virtue and sticking it out with a game plan of distraction will stimulate baby and gently calm them down.

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Do you have a tried and tested way of calming baby? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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