Dads in the delivery room: In or out?

Men weren’t allowed in the delivery room until the 1970s. This is a far cry from the hospital scene that we are familiar with nowadays. Husbands in the 21st century have taken on a more active role in the delivery room. They are no longer forbidden from the delivery process and are in fact, encouraged to provide their wives with physical and emotional support by staying at their side. How do you feel about dads in the delivery room? Do you and your husband want to be together in the delivery? We consider both sides of the argument.

Dads in the delivery room — beware:

Childbirth is a beautiful process but not all men might be ready to see what goes on in the delivery suite. A few pointers for the husbands:

  • Your wife might — probably will — scream during the process because of the pain, so be prepared.

  • If it’s a Caesarean birth or if an episiotomy will be conducted, look away unless you know you can handle the blood and gore.

  • After your baby is delivered, its placenta will be pushed out as well. Do not freak out because the placenta is not going to be a pleasant sight.

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A great experience for dads-to-be

The birth process is not a pretty spectacle but it is the coming of your child. It’s a priceless moment that you should not miss for the world. You’ll be seeing your child for the first time, and it is definitely a great story to tell him when he grows up. Some men who have witnessed the delivery process said that they are now even more appreciative of their wives because they saw how much strength and courage their wives displayed in the act of birthing their child.

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Giving support to your wife

Giving birth is a difficult and painful process. But husbands can help the process become more tolerable. During labour, your wife might get angry, confused or even frightened. But you can help your wife by keeping her spirit up and maintain her composure through breathing exercises. More often than not, your presence is all she needs to help her through the pain.

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