Dang shen tea with a twist

Mothers may be familiar with Confinement red date teas but this dang shen tea with red dates, wolfberries and longan is beneficial in many ways. It helps to replenish Qi, promotes blood circulation, improves kidneys and lungs and reduces hypertension. Mummies in confinement will find this tea helpful in replenishing blood and relieving stress from taking care of their newborns.


  1. 200g dang shen (cut into segments)
  2. 1 handful of wolfberries
  3. 1 handful of dried longan
  4. 1000ml of water


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  1. Wash dang shen, wolfberries and dried longan thoroughly and drain them of excess water.
  2. Add all ingredients and water to a pot and bring it into a boil.
  3. Then let it simmer for about 20 minutes on low heat.
  4. You can then pour it into a thermos flask to keep warm throughout the day.


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This recipe is adapted from Health and Beauty Sharing.

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