DIY masks: Skin foods you’ll love

Every woman envies the gorgeous “pregnancy glow” expectant women get in their second trimester of pregnancy. It definitely trumps the best blushers and other cosmetics around! We have a treat for all you pregnant mummies, with these 10 foods and DIY face masks that will further bring out your natural glow, making you look doubly radiant.
(Psst: you don’t have to be pregnant to try these out!)

2. Coarse sea salt or brown sugar

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Sea salt and brown sugar are known for their exfoliating properties, because they work very much like a body scrub and promote the renewal of skin cells. In a bowl, combine enough sea salt/brown sugar with olive oil (or any essential oil, like coconut oil) until it reaches a suitably thick consistency. Use on coarse skin - areas like the knees, your elbows and soles of your feet - but remember not to overdo it, because pregnancy causes your skin to be more sensitive than usual.

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