Spot the signs of pregnancy paranoia

Your doctor is telling you to watch your blood pressure, maybe your bump is a cm off scale this week, and you have pain in places you didn’t know existed. Don’t freak out. You’re just having your latest dose of pregnancy paranoia.

You are pregnant and this comes with a certain level of anxiety and emotional strain that really only other mummies can understand. You are carrying your own little miracle and, since the moment you heard the word positive, you instantly inherited a maternal instinct like no other – to protect.

1. You are on Google 24/7

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If every little twinge, movement, or change in weather, sends you to straight to Google to self-diagnose your pregnancy symptoms then consider this a mild dose of pregnancy paranoia you might have some prenatal paranoia. Most women check Google from time to time during their pregnancy to check if something is normal. When it becomes an all day thing, it’s a problem.

If you said yes to more than one or two of these things, you might want to talk to your doctor about prenatal paranoia. Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time assuming there are no real worries. Enjoy this time of your life and don’t let the worries consume your life.

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