The hoopla behind hypnobirthing

Put simply, hypnobirthing is a method that uses breathing and meditation to make labour and delivery easier. It involves concentrating on a pleasant scene, taking yourself away from the pain and concentrating on breathing through the most uncomfortable times.

The philosophy is that the labour process has earned such a bad name that women fight it instead of embracing it and letting the body do its job. Hypnobirthing is catching on among many modern-day mums, but what’s really the big deal behind it?

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Why use it?

While some believe this method is just another fad that will come and go as far as labour goes, studies have shown that this labouring technique is actually backed by facts. Women who practice hynobirthing have a drastically lower percentage of C-sections, complications, and use of pain medication. Women who have used hynobirthing claim to have felt little to no pain, but instead just discomfort.

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The philosophy

A big part of the philosophy of hypnobirthing states that pain during labor is more of a self-fulfilling prophecy than anything else. Women have been told since a very early age via media, family, and friends that labour is the most intense pain they will ever feel by far. Television shows and movies show a screaming woman who has turned into a monster. Women tell horror stories, almost bragging who had it worse. No one ever tells of a calm birthing experience, when in reality it does happen.

Though highly debated, some claim that a large percentage of pain “felt” is in one’s head so to speak. These people claim that pain is manageable by changing the thought process to imagine that it does not hurt as bad. If one anticipates something to hurt really badly, they will feel this. Again, this is highly debated, but it would explain the fact that some people have a higher pain tolerance than others. Some claim that certain procedures hurt extremely badly, while others barely feel anything.

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The process

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