The hoopla behind hypnobirthing

The process

Because of the mind’s supposed ability to make one feel more or less pain, the teachers of hypnobirthing emphasize the need to not ever mention the word pain during labor. It is referred to as discomfort. Contractions are referred to as surges. Another emphasis is placed on teaching women to not fight the surges but instead to embrace them as just another step closer to the end. The body does exactly what it is supposed to do and any fighting during the process will not only stall the whole thing, but also make it more difficult and more uncomfortable.

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Women are encouraged to meditate along with focusing on the process and breathing. Women can pick whatever they want to meditate on but are encouraged to either meditate on a very pleasant scene. Women often meditate on being at the beach or another peaceful happy place or they meditate on holding their newborn. Meditating about holding the newborn helps by not only calming the woman but also by reassuring them that this stage is worth the next one.

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It works

There are many believers and non-believers alike when it comes to this process, but either way, the technique is becoming very popular with more and more teachers becoming trained as the demand goes up for classes. Again, whether or not one believes in this technique, studies are proving that it does indeed work.

The author has delivered naturally twice now with this technique more or less, though she had never heard of the technique until after her second labor. However, she has always managed any type of pain by meditation and concentration of breaths. She will tell you that the meditation and concentration makes pain very bearable. One thing that she always remembers is that the pain won’t be forever. It will end and a beautiful baby will be the end result.

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If you want to learn more about hynobirthing, there are classes offered either in person or via CD’s or internet seminars. Even if you decide it is not for you, it is worth researching if you are interested in a natural, pain-medicine free birth. If you are interested in pain medicine, the hynobirthing technique can still be effective.

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