The dos and don’ts after giving birth

You have just given birth and the excitement of being a mother is seeping into you. With this new explosion of energy, you can turn two ways. Either get home feeling extremely exhausted and sleep the days away, or go nuts with a new found energy.

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If you are on the verge to commit the latter, let us help! Here’s a list of the dos and don’ts after giving birth.

Don’t be a superwoman!

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If you’re somebody who used to excel in multitasking, it’s time to relinquish that title for a while. Caring for your baby and getting enough rest alone will keep you busy daily. Let hubby attend to matters for a while.

Everything can be shelved; only attend to matters if it needs immediate attention. Don’t commit yourself to any strenuous activity such as moving house or racquetball playing.

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So, there you have it — some dos and don’ts after giving birth that you should be aware of for the first 40 days. Enjoy the arrival of your little one and rest well!

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