Dr. Chew Answers: C-section vs vaginal birth

When C, a 33-year-old mum and her husband came into my consultation room, they looked anxious and tense. “What is the matter?” I asked. “Doc, you know I just delivered my baby 6 months ago by C-section. I am pregnant again. We don’t mind having a second baby, but this is too soon. My friend tells me that I should wait for at least 2 years; otherwise the scar in my womb might burst. My husband and I are very worried. Should we terminate the pregnancy?”

A vaginal ultrasound scan revealed that C was indeed 9 weeks pregnant and the baby was actively moving in her womb. I reassured her that the wound in her uterus had healed well and there was no medical reason to abort the baby.

“Can I have a normal delivery this time?” she asked.” I was a bit upset that I could not deliver normally in the last pregnancy and that an emergency C-section had to be done because of fetal distress”.

The risks of C-section

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