Have a cuppa: Drinking coffee can help you conceive a boy?

There is no shortage of old wives’ tales and Internet advice on how to conceive a boy or girl. You have probably heard some of them before. Such pregnancy myths might sound crazy to you but you might wonder if there is any truth to these theories. Drinking coffee in order to conceive a boy is one such myth. While some women swear by consuming caffeine, there is simply not enough evidence to back up this old wives’ tale.

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Where the coffee myth originated from

The idea of drinking coffee to conceive a boy started with Dr. Landrum B. Shettles, who developed the Shettles method. He suggested that there are various ways couples can pre-determine the sex of their baby.

Based on his research, Shettles suggested that men – not women – should resort to drinking coffee to conceive a boy. A man should drink a strong brew just before intercourse. It is proposed that caffeine can boost the Y sperm (male chromosome) to become more active.

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Separating fact from fiction

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