Enrolling your baby in enrichment classes

You might have heard rave reviews from friends who have enrolled their babies in enrichment classes, but are there really any benefits in doing so?

We take a look at the popular kinds of enrichment classes for babies in Singapore and what they claim to do.

Types of enrichment classes for babies

The following are the most popular types of enrichment classes for babies in Singapore.

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  • Baby gym. Baby gyms teach your baby about his or her body and how to move. The safe, padded environments and experienced teachers help baby develop motor skills with confidence. The most popular gyms for babies in Singapore among parents are Gymboree and Baby Jumper Gym and they accept babies from five months on.
  • Kindermusik. Kindermusik is a movement of music classes for babies that is offered in over 70 countries. In special classes, babies are exposed to musical activities like singing, dancing and play that develop language development, brain development and motor skills. Centres that offer Kindermusik include Kindermusik Singapore and Twinkle Stars and they accept babies as young as newborns.
  • Speech and Drama. Another popular type of enrichment is Speech and Drama, which exposes babies to a language-rich environment and encourages creative expression. Centres that offer this include Colourful Hearts and Julia Gabriel. Most classes are tailored for older babies around 6 months and up.
  • Shichida Method. The Shichida Method is the hottest enrichment program among parents in Singapore. It is a Japanese method that has been hyped to have turned babies into independent learners with excellent memory and spelling skills. The class comprises of many short activities including flash cards, memory games and speed reading exercises. It accepts babies as young as a few months old.
  • Phonics. This form of enrichment focuses on teaching babies language skills early on from exposing them to the sounds of language and pronunciation. Centers such as Growing Up Gifted have claimed to have taught 18-month-old babies to read reads phonetically within a year. Phonics programmes are also offered at many enrichment centres like Zoo-phonics and Bibinogs who generally take kids one year and up.

    Do babies really need enrichment classes?