Enrolling your baby in enrichment classes

Do babies really need enrichment classes?

Before you enroll your baby in enrichment classes, it’s important to ask yourself if you think your baby will really benefit from the class or are you just being plain kiasu?

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There’s no doubt that babies enjoy and benefit from stimulation and interaction. But that being said, this is all something you can do with your own child without shelling out big bucks for enrichment classes. Consider playing, singing and reading with your child, taking him or her to the zoo, the market and the park, or attending playgroups. Such a child can learn just as much as a child who attends enrichment.

If you do sign your baby up for enrichment classes, do attend them with your baby and pay close attention to how your baby behaves. Different babies respond differently to stimulation. Active babies may dislike the focus of the Shichida Method, while shy babies may dislike the physicality of baby gym.

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And remember, don’t force your baby to attend these classes if you sense that he or she dislikes it. You may be doing more damage than good if your child develops negative associations with learning that will follow him or her to school.

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