Fann Wong on motherhood: How does she really feel about being a mum?

fann wong on motherhood

Fann Wong on motherhood: “I’m enjoying every moment of this new journey!” (Photo: Fann Wong Instagram)

Most of us were filled with awe and excitement when it was announced that Fann Wong gave birth to Baby Zed on National Day this year.

But after months of sporting a cute baby bump, how did the 47-year-old actress really feel about the whole birth experience and the fact that she is now a mother?

In a short video interview with her celebrity husband, Christopher Lee at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital where she gave birth, the new parents talked about their hopes for this new chapter in their life.

On Fann’s birth experience

fann wong on motherhood

The proud parents welcomed Baby Zed on 9 August 2014. They also had an animal themed baby shower at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital!

According to Fann, the whole birth experience was extremely memorable and fascinating.

She revealed that she was in labour for over 10 hours.

However, her gynaecologist intervened and decided to deliver the baby via C-section, instead of sticking to Fann’s original plan for a natural birth.

The bubbly new mum shared that the moment she heard her little boy’s newborn cries for the first time, she was overwhelmed with emotions and couldn’t stop herself from crying.

From that moment onwards, she felt that everything she had been through was worth it.

Her husband Chris attested to this wonderful wave of emotion in his wife by saying how calm she appeared to be throughout her pregnancy until just before she gave birth. “But when the baby was born, she could not control her tears,” he chuckles.

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